March 17, 2014

"Mother Nature is a serial killer. No one's better. More creative. Like all serial killers, she can't help but the urge to want to get caught. But what good are all those brilliant crimes if no one takes the credit? So she leaves crumbs. Now the hard part, while you spent decades in school, is seeing the crumbs for the clues they are. Sometimes the thing you thought was the most brutal aspect of the virus, turns out to be the chink in its armor. And she loves disguising her weaknesses as strengths. She's a bitch."
- Andrew Fassbach, 23, Virologist from Harvard - World War Z

January 5, 2014


Just found out that I was featured in a blog of my friend from France way back in Feb 2013. He took one of my pics on Facebook and made a twist by adding a creepy hand pretending to choke me or something from behind. So talented. Check out his blog: Claudiu Cornea.

December 30, 2013

Shake me!

Another weird ass shit from Japan. Very fun.


December 27, 2013

"And that is how Wisteria Lane became my final resting place. My ashes were spread over grass I had once walked on, beneath trees that had once given me shade, on top of roses I once admired, and beside fences I once gossiped over. And after my friends had finished saying goodbye, a wind came along and took what was left of me into the air. As I looked down on the world I began to let go of it. I l
et go of white picket fences, and cars and driveways, coffee cups and vacuum cleaners. I let go of all those things which seemed so ordinary, but when you put them together, they make up a life, a life that really was one-of-a-kind. I’ll tell you something: It’s not hard to die when you know you have lived. And I did. Oh, how I lived."
Edie Britt, A Former Desperate Housewife

December 18, 2013

ARTPOP: An Album Review

Since its launching day on November 11th, I've pretty much listened to this new album of Lady Gaga everyday. I keep raping the replay button, basically. So I thought that I wanna make a quick review of the album track by track. She has done it herself, check it out here:

I wanna make mine to be more personal and subjective. As a little monster I kinda have this unwritten mandatory obligation to make a review. I've been procrastinating to do this for a month now, but yeah.. finally I did it. So without further a due, here's my track-by-track review of ARTPOP (Deluxe Edition):

1. Aura
This song is so perfect to open the entire album. I'm guessing it's put as the first track because it's the first song that accidentally leaked throughout internet and she wanted her fans to listen to the good one instead of the unfinished version. She was maybe like, "What the fuck, those bastards ruined my surprise. At least if you wanna steal my song, get the high quality dammit!" But yeah, this song is so perfect as the gate of the album cause it's so catchy and make me wanting more. It's kinda similar to Gaga's style vocal wise, lots of studdering and spelling. I'm so bummed that she didn't use Burqa as the title, in fact she only mentioned the word once in the lyric. Aura sounds cool tho, but I like Burqa better. In terms of musicality, this song is sooo diverse. Mostly techno beats and crazy rhythm, but there's this weird banjo type of music instrument that I like after several times listening to it (which I actually hated before). This song sounds very modern, futuristic, but traditional at the same time. I feel like I'm in a dessert during this song. Like the dessert Gaga and Beyonce ran away to from the police at the end of Telephone music video. Maybe this will be the final trilogy?

Favorite lyric/bit: The dance break! "dance.. sex.. art.. pop.. tech.. dance.. sex.. art.. pop.. tech.." & "..behind the curtain, behind the burqaaaaaaaaa-a-a-a-a-a-a…"

2. Venus
My favourite song in the entire album, hands down. I don't know why but I can feel the power in this song. The power of a misunderstood young diva that poured her heart out in a record. It's so easy listening, so up-beat, so good ahhhh. I love the strong shouting, the falsetto, the ascending head voice. This song's lyric portray a goddess of love basically. And it teaches us about the name of the planets. Btw Gaga, Pluto is not in our galaxy anymore. Nevertheless, this record feels so outerspacey, ancient/medieval, and delicious. Just like she said, "Cause you're outta this world, galaxy, space, and time.."

Favorite lyric/bit: "I wonder if this could be love, this could be loooououuuuooouoouououuuoooove.. Goddess of loooououououououve.."

3. G.U.Y
To be very honest, I hate this song in the beginning. Like what the fuck have you produced Gaga? This is rubbish! I was very disappointed with the slow pace of the song, not to mention the weird and bizarre lyrics. I still have no idea what she meant by "I wanna be that guy, G.U.Y, Girl Under You darling", like what?! So you wanna be the guy? Or a girl? Under who again? I get that you're bisexual, but the lyric is too weird seriously. BUT, surprisingly nowadays I start to like this song! Well, not like crazy about it, but like, less annoyed by it. After couple of times hearing it with my earphones, I could listen to the sick bass and the levitating tempo. Still have no idea about what she's talking about tho.

Favorite lyric/bit: The claps! I don't like any of the lyric. (OBVS)

4. Sexxx Dreams
I looove this one so much! So sexy, filthy, so sensual, but elegant and modern at the same time. The lyrics scream how horny you are, technically. Down-beat, but still flowing and easy listening. as well as dance worthy. Arousing type of dance tho. Like Britney's "I'm A Slave For You" slutty kinda dance. Love what the bassist did in this song. Very refreshing! Rihanna tweeted one chunk of the lyrics, and I can DEFINITELY see here and Gaga collaborating for a music video with this song. Sort of like Riri's S&M vibe. Raunchaaayyy! 

Favorite lyric/bit: "When I lay in bed, I touch myself, I think of you.."

5. Jewels n' Drugs (feat. T.I., Too Short, and Twista)
The most awkward song to listen to when sober. But I could see myself fist-pumping to this song after puffing couple of blunts tho. I like that she still gave the opera-broadway-esque feeling in the middle of bumping hip-hop beats. This is so not Gaga, but gotta give her props for saving her ass up by bringing 3 rappers and hip-hop artists at the same time. Smart move! T.I. = meh. Too Short = double meh. Twista = watch out Busta Rhymes!

Favorite lyric/bit: Twista: "Qwertyuiop asdfghjkl zxcvbnm!!! dfghjk rtyuio vbnm fghjk ghj?!"

First of all, what's up with all these letter-playing, double-or-triple-meaning, innuendo-feeling words? At least more than 5 songs in this album have it. Gosh. You make your fans lost within their own mind Gaga! Anyways, this is probably my 2nd favourite song! Yay! I bowed down to my computer screen after I saw her performing this song at iTunes Festival on YouTube. So good. So Gaga. So… amazing. BUT, she fucking stabbed my heart with a double-sided knife, and turn it 360 degrees, and pull it out off my hole-y chest, when she changed the chorus! Fuck you Gaga, this is a backfire to you! You've set the bar high with the live performance, and you thought that you'll surprise us with a "better" song by (ruining) changing the chorus? Or this is actually the original one and you re-arrange it differently for the iTunes Fest? Either way, I like the iTunes one better! Fuck. Nonetheless, I still like the rest of it tho. So rock-n-roll-y! The guitar and drum accents are sooo raw, fierce, hard, you name it! I like the dance break too with the freestyle of the guitarist. I can see this song in a rock festival. Hell yeah!

Favorite lyric/bit: "Heaaaaaaaal meeeeee.. Cause I'm addicted to looooooveeeee… Saveeeeeee meeeee… Cause I'm addicted to loooveee.. I'm addicted to loveeee.."

7. Do What You Want (feat. R. Kelly)
Another song that I started to hate and eventually… I like it! I didn't get where this song wants to go at first. But I get it now. It's a lovey-dovey soul R&B kinda song. Love the R. Kelly part here too. I feel like I wanna drink tea on my balcony at 5 pm when listening to this. Dunno why.

Favorite lyric/bit: R.Kelly: "We don't give a fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuu…"

Also have no idea what she's talking about here. I guess she was on drugs while writing the lyrics. This song is so psychedelic. Perhaps the only psychedelic song that I can enjoy besides Sigur Ros' Hoppippolla. All I can think about listening to this trippy song is being naked, getting my hair dreadlocked, wearing a hippy loose clothes, and dancing next to a bonfire with all the people who want the world peace and their organic vegetarian foods. Breakthrough for a pop song!

Favorite lyric/bit: "Music not the blingggggaahhhhh~"
9. Swine
My third favvy song! The bone-crushing beats destroy me. The squealing, the screeching, and the yelling throw me outta the window. The meaningful lyrics empower me. This song is a perfect gift for Perez Hilton. This song is perfect to play on a loop when you're in a gym lifting weights or punching the hanging sack. This song is a motherfucking genius masterpiece!

Favorite lyric/bit: "You're just a pig inside a human body.." & the part where there's a long loop of a sound before she shouts, "SWINE!" and then proceed to the non stop hardcore beats. I died.

10. Donatella
Consecutively, in random order, my fourth favs! It begins with a very classy and 'expensive' beginning, then continue to a dance-y slow medium verse beats, until it crushes to a bone-chilling ends with a sway chorus. Very diverse and NOT monotone at all. Maybe at the same spot up there with Aura. Just like my guess, this song will be like a mandatory for her 'close relationship' with Donatella Versace that puts Gaga as the newest face of Versace. More free clothes! Clever!

Favorite lyric/bit: "I'm blonde, I'm skinny, I'm rich, and I'm a little bit of a bitch."

11. Fashion!
Boring. Disappointing. Should not be in the album. Way worse than "Fashion" from the early album.

Favorite lyric/bit: Pretty much nothing. Maybe a micro, tiny bit of piano at the beginning. But that's it. Meh.

12. Mary Jane Holland
Very underground trashy rock. This one somehow sounds perfect in a rock concert for a slow bridging song in the middle of two gnarly numbers. I like how she shows her exceptional voice and musicality among those thick guitar, bass, and drum falling noises. I'm done talking. Someone roll me a blunt please!

Favorite lyric/bit: "..and I could be Mary Jane Holland tonighttt…"

13. Dope
Previously called "I Wanna Be With You" when played at iTunes Festival. WHICH, again, disappointed me at first when she completely changes the arrangement, lyrics, and the way she sings it. BUT, I like it even more in the end. This song definitely play more in the low-key & vibrato garden. But the screams and the high notes from I Wanna Be With You are still there. More emotional and raw and depressing. Gave me goosebumps so many times. You can feel how she poured her heart out writing this one. Masterpiece.

Favorite lyric/bit: "..I know I fucked up again, cause I lost my only friend, God forgive my sins.." and "..3 spirits and 12 lonely steps.."

14. Gypsy
Surely the most inspiring song in the album. Certainly the acceleration is as empowering as "Edge of Glory" that makes you wanna get out of the bed and go to the shower and ready to face the world. I dunno, but I always smile every time I sing or lip-sync this one. It pumps my blood. Makes me excited and positive. Rebel. Responsible. Mature. Carefree. All I see a big word of FREEDOM on the forehead of this record. 

Favorite lyric/bit: "..Someday in Jakarta.." OBVIOUSLY!

15. Applause
Quite a brilliant way to end an album Gaga. You know what you like, huh? You end your album with 'applause'. Kinda over it tho because of the OVEREXPOSURE of the song! But still love it. Very fearless and tough.

Favorite lyric/bit: "..give me the thing that I love.." - Very subliminal. You little Tinkerbitch! ;)

That was my personal review of Lady Gaga's ARTPOP album. I can't wait for videoclips after Applause. I can't wait for more performances. I can't wait for the crazy outfits she'll pull off. Love you Gaga. Thanks for inspiring me to not care about what people say about me, including about the fact that I like you. very much

PS. Where's "Temple" and "Brooklyn Night"?

November 7, 2013

Kupang Adventure

Last month, I went to an amazing island in the east part of Indonesia’s archipelago. It was a work trip for one of my clients in order to do a survey for their upcoming campaign. It felt really good that I actually can departure to somewhere I'd never go to during my casual days. It makes me love my job a lil bit more.

For any of you who don’t know much about Indonesia, there is a place in this country called Nusa Tenggara Timur – in English it should be East Southeast Nusa (I guess). Not really sure about that. ANYWAY, I flew there using Garuda Airlines for 4-5 hours and landed on the El Tari International Airport in Kupang city. It was probably the smallest airport I’ve ever been.

First impression: Arid. And sizzling hot. Even from the plane window, I could see how dry and infertile the soil was. I can still remember the monologue inside my head going like, "Damn it. I thought this is going to be all tropically, beach-esque, and stuff. Look at those cracks on the ground!" Well, to be honest I kinda knew what I signed up for. It was just an inner voice that was still hoping for something that it wanted to happen. But that voice was totally wrong.

So, basically I was working for the whole trip; no time to relax. Like literally, I didn't get enough sleep for the whole 3 days. Or 4 days. I can't even remember. That's how tired I was. Buuut, some parts of the work were so fun and adventurous.

There was a time where I had to print shitloads of papers in several different local photocopy stores cause the electricity went out. What a perfect time when we urgently needed them. I also got to meet  the local people and learned a bit of their language. Some dudes told me to try the most famous brothel houses and order the hookers. Appreciate the hospitality guys. :D

Apart from a few other culture-shocking experiences, the highlight of the trip was when I have to visit the remote village which was located 5-6 hours by car from the city, Kupang. The village is called Desa Bitobe - very small, small population, and definitely far from modern life.

My client, my team as their PR consultants, as well as some media journalists went there and did a research that is going to be used as the core of the campaign. We built a partnership with the local governments to help the home-grown society to live a better life in the future by making them as a pilot project for this sustainable campaign.

We got to see the traditional houses, animals/pets, how the kids were raised, how they processed their food, and most importantly how they kept waking up every morning to survive. To be honest, I genuinely felt sorry for them because they live such an unfortunate life they have been living for years.  It broke my heart to know how bad they need help and the amount of source is very scarce. I shed some manly tears to see how lots of kids were, literally, walking at least 7-8 KM from home to school and back. Carrying gallons of water in each hand. Barefoot.

Since the lack of hygiene and source of clean water, it was so hard for the kids to stay healthy, let alone to achieve higher education. It broke my heart to see how low their awareness of health and the fact that I can't do anything about it, killed me even more. But I still believe that by visiting them on behalf of my client, taking the national media journalists - and providing them with the real, raw views - I kinda helped, although not significantly. Hopefully it will give them the idea of what to write. Hence, the coverage will grasp people's attention about the issue.

Have I mentioned how I got through the entire journey? I had to be in a car for 5-6 hours cruising some rocky, steep, and unflattering roads. Hoofing barricades of jungles and rivers, hills and cliffs. Actually it's not that bad when you drive a 4-Wheel-Drive semi-off-road car, like the other of my team. But oh, guess what, I was slowly riding a lame-ass Kijang Inova. The most gas-guzzling car ever. So I was being left behind all the time.

Can you imagine what if you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, with bad signal reception, and without any electricity? Yep, you're done, right? That's what freaked myself out the whole hours on the road, I was all like, "OMG OMG OMG.. Please don't mess up.. OMG OMG.. Watch out.. Keep driving.. Keep going.. I don't wanna die.. AAAHHH.."

However, I made it safely back to the hotel. I was sooo happy to see the civilisation in the city. In fact, on the way back from the Jumanji to the city, I got to see deers and horses running around the field full of grass. The surrounding was also chill and refreshing in the afternoon-evening, unlike the super hot weather during the day.

more pics of this post, click here.

After all, that trip really slapped me out of my selfish and ungrateful self. I learned many lessons about life and it grew me up as a person. As much as I was shocked with all the outlandish experiences there, I have this determination to go back there someday. I want to return and give my contribution to the people there. But for now, I'll always pray and hope the best for them.

Please, stay strong guys 

Thor: The Dark World

Note: doesn't contain that much spoiler.
via: imdb

Earlier this week, I went to the theatre near my office with my colleagues. One of my boss asked who wanted to watch a movie and he'll pay for the ticket, in the middle of the day before lunch time. I was like, hell yeah. LOL

So I saw the new movie about one of The Avengers, Thor. I don't really remember the prequel of the movie,  actually I haven't watched the one before haha. But yeah, I kinda understand that it's like the continuation of the previous movie and it's also easy to digest.

I liked it. My first impression was like, "Shit, this is so epic." I managed to get a small popcorn and drink while enjoying the entire movie without falling asleep. Which is a good sign.

Story wise: It's aight. Typical superhero movies. It started off awesome with full action and cool effects. Then slowly got really sad and dark during the peak of the twist. But then eventually it's getting better. Similar story with many movies, really. Nothing crazy.

However, the part that I love the most was the comedy element. This movie was so colossal and royal (since it's about a demi-God kingdom), but it was also very hilarious with its unusual jokes and sarcasms. I can remember I laughed my ass off on the cinema seat several times. Props to the scriptwriter!

Then the dope, badass fights added more tension to it. Thor looked good and buffed as fuck as usual, although there was just one awkward, mandatory topless scene of him. Loki was the man of the match! And I liked this couple of interns. Their characters were so raw and appealing.

Overall, I can give this movie: 3 out of 5 stars. It's not bad, but not that amazing either. So-so. Pretty entertaining for a free break in the middle of work day.