January 23, 2015

Friday Afternoon

Lately I couldn't believe I did take pictures of foods before I ate them several times. Back then I was too idealistic to do it just because I thought it's hideous and it gives Asian such a stereotype (not that it's bad, but it's too "typical"). However later in 2014, I learned that there are actually people who make a living out of taking pictures of food, such as: food bloggers, people who work in F&B industry, or merely photographers. They obviously do it as a job and again, there's nothing bad about it. I know it might sound ignorant, but I have so much respect for them.

Especially now that I work in F&B industry as the "digital guy", I have been learning that taking food photographs is not that hideous after all. Not gonna lie, it feels ironic at first. However, as I said on the previous post, learning knows no time. I'm a very open-minded person and if I could try everything in the world once, I would. So I have been so much fun doing it for almost 9 months now.

These pictures were taken literally a couple of hours ago at Union, one of my restaurant brands, while I was working on my bakeries & pastries task. Yep, spending Friday afternoon studying new things about culinary world as well as eating the final products are kind of my everyday life nowadays. I'm very lucky and extremely grateful to have a very chill work environment and so many cute stuff to get a snapshot of. Therefore, more food pictures coming soon! :)

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Jakarta, Indonesia

January 21, 2015


I believe we should never stop learning. Everyday is a chance for us to study new things and expand our horizon. It's not just about classes or getting good grades in every subjects in school, it's more about the development of ourselves as a human being.

These low-light pictures I took on top of a rooftop somewhere in Jakarta is one of the things I'm going to start learning this year: photography. They might not be the best photos you've seen, but I'm pretty proud of them. At least I laid the first stone of my new hobby in a good place with a good platform with this blog. All I need to do now is to keep going and produce better photographs. Wish me luck! :)

January 5, 2015

Back to Basic

basic white tee: American Apparel, black skinny jeans: Attachment

Hey everyone! Happy New Year to every single one of you. Hopefully you had a great New Years Eve with your loved ones and you would be a much better version of you this year. :)

So I've been putting off this little project of mine for a couple of weeks and now finally I have balls to actually publish it to the internet. I did a couple of test shoots for my modelling portfolio last year. It's a very low budget project using my own clothes, a very cheap studio, and a help from a very lovely & talented photograph-riend.

I've had this idea for a while now to actually (try to) pursue the modelling career or at least to see what's in store for me, but I was too busy settling down after college. Giving the fact that now I have a full time job and I'm still 24 years old, I don't see a reason why not to go for it because I literally have nothing to lose. I realized that I don't wanna die not knowing what's gonna happen when I follow my passions and I highly encourage you all to follow yours as well!

Also I will try to be a more diligent content creator starting this year with this blog as the platform. Probably these can be some sort of 'resolutions' but let's just call them as 'goals' or 'bucketlist' cause usually I'm not really good at making resolutions to come true - at least not until the first two months. Let's start fresh this year, go back to basic, and simplify!

October 23, 2014


Another old video from when I was still working for Ogilvy. This one was taken a while back when Ogilvy Indonesia held a New Year's Party. I have explained on one of the previous posts that Ogilvy really knows how to throw a party, including the celebration of 2014.

On 2013 New Year's Party, they literally booked the whole X2/Equinox Club for the entire office. Free flow for the whole night and full of crazy yet fun performances from each division. No difference this year, except the venue was at The Foundry 8 this time. Still with free flow booze of course, obvi.

This year's theme was kinda lame at the first time I heard about it, but I did grow to like it tho. It was inspired by the Olympics so sporty kind of theme. Therefore, all the performances were angled to match the theme. But mostly we all did some sort of dance/aerobic routines because it was the best thing we could come up with for a show that involves many people at the same time. Including my division, Ogilvy Public Relations.

Since I was one of the most energetic employees of Ogilvy PR, my bosses delegated me to lead the team to perform a super insane thing to do. Well, being a terrible dancer that I am, I couldn't say no to choreograph an easy routine for my team. So I mixed the songs and came up with some generic yet lunatic steps.

It was fun, we were all drunk, another amazing night with Ogilvy! (Great, now I miss them haha :")

October 14, 2014

My Trip to Tiger Island

I'm a beach person. I always love the feeling of the sea breeze through my hair, the white sand between my toes, the crystal clear water, and the warm sun. I just can't get enough of those feelings in my life. Therefore, I successfully managed to squeeze in a super quick trip in the middle of my work to the infamous Tiger Island.

Pulau Macan (literally means Tiger Island) is one of the little islands in the archipelago of Jakarta's 1000 islands. They made it as an independent resort and ran the entire island by themselves. I went there just for the weekend but it's worth everything! Given the fact that it's just a couple of hours from the city.

I didn't do much there besides chilling, snorkelling and kayaking. Well, it's basically the point of the island, it's a place for people to unwind from their busy life in the city and merely enjoy the nature. I needed that so badly at that time, so it was a major treat.

The highlight were probably I learnt to paddle a kayak and learn about the horrendous stonefish. That mofo can kill you in a couple of hours time by injecting the venom through its super pointy fins. And the most frightening thing is that you can't see them because they freaking pretend to be stones! So watch out when you casually walk around the beach.

Overall, it was such a lovely time staying at a beautiful island with huts everywhere that directly face the sea. Definitely will try to visit more islands!