April 25, 2016

March 2016 Favorites

I know it's super late but it's here! I shot this video before I flew to Europe and I didn't have good internet access ever since. So I'm finally here sitting down in Amsterdam uploading it haha. Hope you like it and it can inspire. :)

April 4, 2016

Britney Spears - Baby One More Time

Also available on my Vimeo here.

There are three things that made me excited for this:
  1. I tried a new studio in Jakarta that I had been wanting to try for so long, Indonesian Dance Theatre.
  2. I finally took the class of Hamada Abdool, one of my favortie choreographers and the Creative Director of NEZindaHOOD.
  3. I learned a choreography for a song that once was a jam of mine waaay back then. By the Queen herself.
It's always nice to try new stuff and lear new things. As Mada told the class during the session, a great dancer is a versatile dancer. Completely agree with that as I'm in the middle of "different-dance-styles-and-choreographers-hunting" lol. I definitely can see myself taking this class again.

April 2, 2016

Tech N9ne - Hood Go Crazy (ft. 2Chainz & B.o.B)

If you can't play it, you can still watch it on my Vimeo here.

We branched out again to find another choreographer named Sori Na. To be quite honest, I wish I watched her video before I learned the choreography. She's sooo chill and I'm obsessed with her dance style, but I didn't get to portray it in this piece. Also, this Tech N9ne guy's song is sooo dope! I haven't heard about him before, but now I'm diggin' him.

March 31, 2016

Omarion - I'm Up (ft. Kid Ink & French Montana)

You can also watch it on my Vimeo here.

Another dope choreo from Anze Skrube and I came up with my own term on how to describe his dance style. I call it "Elastic Swag" lol. It's because in every video he made before, he always has this flexible moves that kinda string-y and elastic-y. I dunno how to explain it but you know that guy from Fantastic Four that can elongate his body? Imagine him being less flexible and more swager LOL. What am I talking about here?

March 28, 2016

Chris Brown - Oh My Love

Also available on my Vimeo here.

We branched out again to another choreographer named Darrell Rivera and we covered his piece using a super R&B pop-ish song by Chris Brown. This one is a fast-paced routine I barely had time to catch a breath. Nonetheless it's still turned out to be great. :)